Bison’s Genesis vertical slider is the perfect example of a customer-led product

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One way to ensure your product sells well is to ensure that it meets a need that has yet to be fulfilled. It’s an approach that Bison Frames used when developing its Genesis vertical slider and as sales and growing awareness of what it has to offer prove, it’s more than paid off. Mark Tetley of Bison explains more. “The accepted wisdom in the industry is that listed buildings and properties in conservation zones are out of bounds for PVC-U windows. We always thought that was very unfair – both for us as an industry and for homeowners looking to.

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PVC-U and Grade II

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PVC-U windows and Grade II buildings have historically been strangers. For planners and conservation officers, Grade II listing (and all too often, conservation zones too) have meant one thing only when it comes to windows: timber. It was something that Bison Frames had always felt was very unfair, so when one customer came to the team asking them to develop a PVC-U vertical slider that would be accepted for use on his Grade II listed home in Blackburn, the team was happy to accept the challenge. Mark Tetley, Bison’s director, says, “In many cases, a modern timber window is inferior.

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Taking PVC-U to the next level

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We’re in a mature market and many of the new products that are introduced are simply variations on a theme. Genuinely new products that offer something substantially different are rare. So when such a product does come along, there’s very good reason to get excited, not least because of the opportunities it presents for installers looking for a competitive edge. One example of such a product is the Genesis Vertical Slider from Bison Frames. It represents true innovation and looks set to be the start of a new generation of window design and manufacture. The challenge that the R&D team.

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Modern technology meets traditional craftsmanship

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The PVC-u products of today are a far cry from their early days with the industry now offering a surfeit in styles, shapes and opening configurations. Trade fabricator Bison Frames is no stranger to the latest developments in window technology having enjoyed the success of its Genesis Vertical Slider, a revolution in window design and manufacture. Using the latest in cutting edge design, Bison has created the ultimate partnership between modern technology and traditional craftsmanship. The Genesis Vertical Slider provides the perfect synergy between looks and performance too. Using intelligent technology, Bison were able to create a PVC-u window that.

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Bison’s Genesis Vertical Slider offers something genuinely different

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The window industry prides itself on innovation at all levels. Bison Frames’ Genesis Vertical Slider is the perfect example of innovation on a scale that has the power to completely transform its sector. Mark Tetley of Bison says, “We wanted to create a vertical slider that offered something genuinely different and could enhance any home with its truly authentic looks. Our research forced us to look at everything about a typical PVC-u vertical slider in a new light and we started from the ground up in terms of design. The result is a window that can be – and has.

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Highlighting the differences is the key to the sale of value-added products

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Bison Frames has just seen sales growth of 40% compared to the same period last year. For Mark Tetley, one of the reasons for the sales growth is simple: strong sales and marketing messages. “We put together compelling marketing messages that clearly highlight what makes our products different. These make it easy to sell our products to our market because people can see at-a-glance what makes our products so special.” A key part of Bison’s portfolio is the Genesis Vertical Slider and is the perfect example of a product that has something genuinely different to offer. Mark says, “The Genesis.

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Bison Frames celebrates 40% year-on-year growth

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Specialist fabricator Bison Frames is celebrating a strong start to 2014: sales are up 40% on the same period last year. Mark Tetley, Bison’s Managing Director said, “We are delighted with these results, which we attribute to a strong and innovative portfolio of value-added products and an excellent range of back-up services.” One of the reasons for Bison’s strong growth is the Genesis sliding sash window, which has taken the market by storm.The window is a result of extensive research and development to take the vertical slider to a whole new level of authenticity. The Genesis window has a truly.

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PVC-U and Grade II can go together

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For many homeowners, when it comes to windows, PVC-U has become synonymous with energy efficiency. This is a testament both to our industry’s innovation in developing such advanced products and to intelligent marketing that has succeeded in embedding the concept in homeowner’s minds. Unfortunately for some properties, the choice of window can come down to the material they are made from rather than practicality, energy efficiency or aesthetic appearance. Nowhere is this more true than for owners of period homes especially those with listed building status or in some conservation areas. However, the PVC-U industry has come on in leaps.

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The Window Co Installs Upvc Sash Windows In Conservation Area

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We Installed Upvc Sash Windows in Heaton Mersey Manchester for a customer who after doing a google search for Sash Windows in Manchester came across us. She loved the pictures on our website of the sash windows & the general feel for our company so decided to give us a call. They wanted sash windows to keep the original look of the house as the windows that were in at present had been changed from the original box sash to softwood casements & didn’t do anything for the look of the Victorian terrace. They lived in a conservation area so.

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PVCu can suit Grade II!

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PVCu can suit Grade II! Bison Frames launches petition to get English Heritage and local planning authorities to embrace aesthetically sensitive PVCu windows Trade fabricator Bison Frames has just launched an online petition on the campaigning website 38 Degrees to encourage English Heritage and local planning authorities to accept high quality period-look windows in Grade II listed building renovations and in buildings in conservation areas. Mark Tetley, Bison’s Director, says, “Many people who live in Grade II listed buildings and conservation areas have to endure ill fitting, cold and drafty windows or suffer the cost of expensive replacement timber windows.

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