Highlighting the differences is the key to the sale of value-added products

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Bison Frames has just seen sales growth of 40% compared to the same period last year. For Mark Tetley, one of the reasons for the sales growth is simple: strong sales and marketing messages. “We put together compelling marketing messages that clearly highlight what makes our products different. These make it easy to sell our products to our market because people can see at-a-glance what makes our products so special.”

A key part of Bison’s portfolio is the Genesis Vertical Slider and is the perfect example of a product that has something genuinely different to offer. Mark says, “The Genesis vertical slider is a PVCu window that has already been accepted for use in Grade II listed buildings and conservation zones. It lets homeowners enjoy elegant heritage aesthetics and the low maintenance, energy efficient benefits of PVCu.” The attention to detail is what sets the window apart. The Genesis VS incorporates traditional timber jointing methods to every joint rather than usual PVCu welds. Complemented by run-through sash horns and a deep bottom sash rail as standard Genesis is a stunning piece of engineering and a product that adds tremendous value to any portfolio.

Another opportunity to sell the difference comes in Bison’s latest product, the New Wave Swing and Slide Door, which is manufactured by Bison in conjunction with New Wave. Unlike a standard bi-fold, each door moves and locates independently. The unique operation gives the customer the option of opening the door in any position they choose so that it can be also utilised as a partition. The doors offer a truly stunning design statement and the cleanest sightlines on the market because there’s virtually no visible hardware.

Mark concludes, “In a world of ‘me-too’ products, genuinely innovative products such as Genesis and New Wave offer a fantastic opportunity to sell something totally different to the homeowner and add a truly unique dimension to any retailer or installer portfolio.”