Bison’s Genesis vertical slider is the perfect example of a customer-led product

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One way to ensure your product sells well is to ensure that it meets a need that has yet to be fulfilled. It’s an approach that Bison Frames used when developing its Genesis vertical slider and as sales and growing awareness of what it has to offer prove, it’s more than paid off.

Mark Tetley of Bison explains more. “The accepted wisdom in the industry is that listed buildings and properties in conservation zones are out of bounds for PVC-U windows. We always thought that was very unfair – both for us as an industry and for homeowners looking to invest in the most thermally efficient and low maintenance windows they can. So when we were approached by a customer wanting them to develop a PVC-U vertical slider they could use in their Grade II listed property, we were more than happy to accept the challenge.”

The resulting product is the Genesis vertical slider. It was developed using rapid prototyping following extensive input from the planning officer involved in the building project to ensure that it met all his requirements. It uses traditional timber jointing methods rather than the usual 45 degree PVC-U welds and has a low sheen finish to meet the planning officer’s requirements. There is a deep bottom rail, run-through sash horns and an optional Georgian Astragal bar. The window has period look high security cam locks and sash buttons and comes in a complete range of authentic woodgrain and heritage coloured foil options.

Proof that the window meets the need was evident almost immediately – the Genesis was accepted for use in the Grade II listed building that had started the project.

Mark concludes, “The fact that the Genesis was accepted for use in the original building as well as numerous further buildings is proof that the market was waiting for a product like this. We’re delighted to be fulfilling the need!”