Take advantage of the growing VS market with Bison’s Genesis

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To take the best advantage of a growing market you need to have the right products in your portfolio. And when it comes to vertical sliders, the best product to have is the Genesis VS from Bison. Mark Tetley of Bison says, “The vertical slider market has grown 20% in recent years, so there are huge opportunities out there. Our Genesis VS offers everything the market is looking for and more.”

The rapid growth in sales of the Genesis VS since it was launched in 2013 backs up Mark’s comments and demonstrates the market was waiting for a product with Genesis’ unique credentials.

Quite simply, the Genesis VS is the most authentic-looking vertical slider on the market. The window is manufactured with traditional timber joints rather than the welds usually associated with PVCu windows. It has a low sheen finish that further enhances the traditional appearance. It is fitted with high security Acorn cam locks and sash buttons and uses authentic period hardware. The run through sash horns and deep bottom sash rail as standard plus the optional fully milled decorative Astragal Georgian bar complete the elegant heritage appearance. The window is available in a wide range of colours and woodgrain foil finishes and can achieve an A rating if required.

Aside from these compelling benefits, the Genesis also has a wealth of features that makes it very attractive to installers. The structural joints allow for traditional dry glazing and easy replacement of broken, scratched or failed glass units, just as you would expect from any other PVCu window on the market. This means individual units can be replaced without changing the entire sash or frame or the need to use expensive, time-

consuming glass bonding glazing methods. And because the Genesis VS is weld-free it can be flat packed for ease of transport or access. What’s more, with a ten-day turnaround on all standard foils, including white foil and cream foil, all Genesis’ benefits are available fast.

Mark concludes, “The unique benefits of the Genesis VS means that the brand is already trusted and established in the marketplace. To help our customers make the most of the brand’s credentials we will be launching further innovative Genesis products later this year.”

So if you are looking to take advantage of the growing vertical slider market or have identified premium quality products as a potentially lucrative market, the Genesis VS from Bison has exactly what you need and more. And if you are already a Bison customer, it sounds as if there won’t be long to wait until you can expand your range and take advantage of even more opportunities!