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GIN Becomes the Best Tonic for Installers

Marcus O Boyle, Business Development and Marketing Manager at Bison Frames

Glazing retailers across the country have raced to join ‘GIN’, the new Genesis Installer Network designed to unite forward thinking installation companies with a product portfolio of premium windows, doors and comprehensive support. Proving an instant success, the network created by Bison Frames has gained huge interest from the trade, with many already signing up to become members. “We’ve had an amazing response from installers so far,” says Marcus O’Boyle, Bison’s Business Development and Marketing Manager. “To date, 26 businesses have signed up to the scheme and they are already reaping the benefits. It gives installer-retailers the tools to demonstrate.

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Homeowners See the Value of The Genesis Collection at HBR Show

Bison at HBR Show

Proving that heritage is trend here to stay, The Genesis Collection was a hit with homeowners at The NEC’s Homebuilding and Renovating Show. “We’re fresh back from The Homebuilding and Renovating Show at the NEC,” says Marcus O’Boyle, Head of Business Development and Marketing at Bison. “Going to the show not only means we collect hot leads from homeowners for the Genesis Network, but we also get great insight and feedback from them direct. “By the time a renovation, refurbishment or self-build actually begins, consumers have already spent lots of time creating a vision for their project. This often means.

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